Thursday, December 27

Onto Easy Street - Part 5

I did it ... just barely but I finished part 5... I can't believe i'm still on track with all the craziness going on in the family lately... Like a last minute trip from MD to upstate NY leaving Sunday and returning yesterday in a giant winter storm (snow and sleet were our companions for half of the way).

After putting away our luggage, Christmas goodies, getting the groceries and 2 load of laundry, I was finally able to cut and piece the "house" blocks.

Like each previous step I have a few extra blocks

Here is a sampling of the completed blocks. I'm starting to feel very curious about the final result :)

See everybody else's progress here


  1. Your Easy Street units are looking great! Glad to hear you got home safely despite the winter storm.

  2. They look great! Love seeing everyone's progress and can't wait to start sewing.

  3. The yellow, grey and white looks so nice together. Can't wait to see how it all goes together.


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