Thursday, July 5

Day 4 - Contract signed

Our house was on the market for a grand total 4 days : Friday through Tuesday. 4 days!! Yikes we figured it would take a couple of weeks.  Now we have to move out by August 3rd??!!?? PANIC! So much to do, so little time. 

We had to scramble once again for the paperwork, inspections and moving arrangements. We are taking a short and well earned vacation and will be packing as soon as we return. Altogether it's not that bad: having found a short term lease, we will be camping in a small apartment while we shop for our new house. It'll be cramped but we are now able to wait out until the right house comes along and also to move out rapidly once we have found it. 

Looks like blogging will take the back seat for a little bit longer... Sorry !

In the mean time, as promised, here are some photos of our soon to be ex-house we took for the listing:

Front of the house

Living/Dining room combo



Front hall and powder room

Bug's bedroom


Full bath

Master bathroom

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom


Oh I will miss you my beloved studio !!!

Back patio

Back of the house


  1. Looks like all of that hard work paid off! Your home looks wonderful -- no wonder it sold so quickly. Have fun on your vacation, BREATHE, and then back to the craziness of moving!

    1. Craziness is upon us now... less than 2 weeks.
      Just keeping on breathing and looking forward to our future house

  2. Super!
    4 jours, je suis hyper jalouse! A chaque fois que nous avons vendu notre maison cela a pris des mois! Bon courage pour la suite, j'espere que vous trouverez la maison de vos reves rapidement.
    Est ce que la petite devra changer d'ecole?

    1. Nous avons aussi été pris de court. Nous avons moins de 2 semaines pour déménager. Pour l'instant pas de changement d'école puisque nous avons trouve un appartement just a cote mais certainement une fois que nous auront trouve notre nouveau nid

  3. Your house looks fantastic, I'm not surprised it sold so quickly!

    1. We were quite surprised and got caught pretty unprepared. Thankfully we have been able to find a temporary place. Now moving twice does seem a bit daunting ...

  4. It is lovely to have photos of the house looking its best. I am sure you will look at them in future and remember some of the great times you've had in that house. I love the colour scheme in your blue bathroom, the blue and white is so crisp and yet warm and pretty. All the best in your search for a new home.

    1. Thank you Carol. We will surely miss our first house and treasure the memories. So much love, work and giggles happened here :)


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