Monday, July 4

What I have been up to - Week 26 & 27

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, or the blogiverse. I've just been very busy and tired. I had to make time for my family, home and health, somehow after  those priorities were taken care of after my regular work days, there hasn't been any energy left for much else.  Even if everything goes well and that my second surgery is the final one, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to dedicate much time to blogging until  the end of August. There is so much going on both at home and at work. 

We did of course have some July 4th fun... Family and friends gathered for a wonderful parade. Firetrucks, marching bands, waving flags, vintage cars, candies (and even local political figures),  there was something for everyone young or old.

Bug had a great time
It was a bit overcast but that also meant it wasn't has hot as it could have been.  After that we grilled some hotdogs of course.

I did get some sewing done this past 2 weeks because it's the one thing I need to keep going day after day in this rough time.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt is advancing fast. Both the top and back are now pieced. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Hopefully,  I will be able to quilt and bind it this week. It's a crib/toddler bed sized quilt so it won't take too long. 


The other project I finished will have to stay a secret until next week but it involves denim.

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  1. Of course, real life comes first.

    I love all the Independence Day photo essays I am finding today.

    Lovely picture of your Bug...


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