Sunday, November 18

Sewing spree for Princess Fiona

I had been a while since Bug's Princess Fiona had gotten a new outfit. This oversight is now corrected. I dug up remnants of voile from another project, a cute scrap of paisley and some tulle for a 2-day sewing spree. 

Princess Fiona now has:

A ruffled multi-tiered dress

A long skirt and matching blouse

Purple pants

A matching vest

And a tutu. 

I think Fiona is set for a while and Bug is very happy with the wardrobe additions


  1. Bug and Princess Fiona are very lucky! The outfits are adorable! My favorite would be the ruffled multi-tiered dress.

  2. What great outfits, I love the purple trousers and the ruffled multi-tiered dress.

  3. Gorgeous little clothes!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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