Thursday, September 13

Crafting on hold - Or what happened this summer

I know it's been a while. We've had quite a summer I must say and the craziness is not over just yet. After working hard for a few weeks to get our house ready for sale, and selling it in 4 days, we went into a packing frenzy right upon returning from a short vacation week in Canada and moved temporarily in a tiny apartment the first week of August.

We then went house shopping and thought we were all set, having found a great house, in a great neighborhood, and a great school district. The contract was signed and we had started to make plans... and then the appraisal came back lower than the sellers had hoped. Much lower. And they would not budge. Well there we are, back to house shopping, and still camping in the same tiny apartment. Not fun. 

I did manage to set up a small crafting area in a corner of our bedroom. A desk large enough for my sewing machine and large drawers to store some fabrics. But all that extra stress really put me in a craft funk. I've had a hard time starting anything new, or even finishing anything at all. Some how I did get some sewing done still. Mostly baby quilts :). And finally I will be able to post about that. Finally ?? Yes during the big shuffle, my camera accessories  got misplaced, probably in our storage unit so I had no way to get photos out of my camera. Major bummer. Finally this week my hubby got me a new connector and YAY I was able to load some 800 pictures on my laptop - Not just craft stuff, a bunch of family photos and house shopping photos too :)

I will have a few new things to share in the next couple of days. Until we have found a new place and moved in, the posting will be scarce I'm afraid but I hope you will bear with me.

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  1. That sounds so frustrating!! I am glad you are able to let us know what is going on...


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