Thursday, December 15

Black rose kimono scarf

Last year I made a myriad of satin and chiffon scarves for Christmas. I perfected the technique and style of the "Kimono" scarf but I had a harder time finding fabrics that I liked. Until I found this black and white roses print. I could not resist.  And there is the result: Very retro-chic isn;t it ?  So much so that it is currently on  display in a local vintage jewelry/clothing store  where it enhances an adorable  1960's cocktail dress.  The store owner asked me to make a couple more things to put in display  and we'll see if that sells. 

If not, no worries, I will wear this one!

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  1. Lovely scarf! Merry Christmas Caroline! Thank you for all the encouragement and support you've given me this year and thanks so much for the lovely cushions you made for my fellow flood affected Queenslanders. I'll catch up with you again here in late January.


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