About me

Welcome to my crafty space. 

Sewing and crafting keep me sane. I work full-time for a software editor and after using my brain all day fixing errors and reporting programing bugs, creating is a much needed breath of fresh air. I made the mistake of not making time for it for a good long while. I know now that I'm a much happier person when I create. My hubby and our little bug prefer me that way too.

A few things about me: 
I was born and raised in the south of France. After working in Marseille, Lausanne, Paris and Courchevel, I moved to Zurich where I met the love of my life, my best friend now husband (and then Cavalry Scout). We were married 15 months later. Married to the military until 2004, we both put our bags down in MD and bought a fixer upper house that we have pretty much redone from basement to attic, with a small budget and lots of blood and sweat equity. We also have a beautiful daughter that is the center of our universe.

And to keep this light here are 25 random things:

  1. The love of my life is about 3 foot tall and growing fast
  2. Chocolate is essential to life, the darker the better.
  3. The week always seems one day too short when reaching Sunday evening
  4. People that fail to read instructions before asking a question drive me crazy
  5. I'm allergic to beige. Bring on the bight yellows, reds and blues. My husband is slowly mellowing to the idea.
  6. My hubby calls my car the "mothership" - Too bad it doesn't fit on a vanity plate. 
  7. Peanut butter ... no thanks. Really. 
  8. Everybody loves Raymond ... except me
  9. I have to fight everyday with my procrastination genes
  10. Yes, you can be a computer geek (Oracle DBA in my case) and not understand a thing about Windows
  11. Shopping can involve an Excel spreadsheet .
  12. The Roomba is one of the best inventions of this decade.
  13. When I was little, my mom thought I would be an interior decorator or a designer. Oops. I only do that in my spare time. 
  14. I am obsessed with bathroom cleanliness.
  15. I spent 3 winters working in a fancy ski resort but didn't learn how to ski past beginner level.
  16. I had a goth phase in high school.
  17. I no longer dream in French even though it's my mother tongue.
  18. Too many pairs of shoes??!! No way .. closet is too small.
  19. I have moved over 20 times. I think I'm done for a while.
  20. Cheeeeeeeeeeese.
  21. I hate being late so much, I'm always early but 2 of my best friends are pathologically, permanently late ... Love then to death still :D 
  22. You cannot win unless you play.
  23. I'm hoping to be able go back to Yosemite and finally have a chance to visit Yellowstone park one day.
  24. I like Buffalo wings so spicy it makes you sweat
  25. I've read the Lord of The Rings (and watched the movies)  too many times to count.

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